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"Low blood sugar can lead to gaining weight"

i wonder doctor, is about your curiosity, about the power of knowledge and about giving applicable, meaningful guidance. You can navigate your own weight loss, (and whatever else you might be facing. You can improve your health.

It is possible to lose weight and it is possible to maintain the loss. The key is to figure out what’s creating your weight gain. Everyone is different and there are more causes than you may know of. The art is to find that magical combination of understanding and real-life implementation: put together the process that is right for you...and that you will actually do!

The longer I'm alive, and the longer I practice medicine, the more acutely aware I’ve become of how precious life is and what jewels our bodies are.

Your future health is unwritten. Helping people find their way to this truth has been the greatest gift my career has given me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this project. May i wonder doctor help you to discover a new chapter in your life!


Daved Rosensweet M.D.

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