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"Why hormone treatment is so much more than just the reduction of symptoms"

"The connection between gaining weight and menopause"

"Right dose matters."

"Finding the right doctor"

The longer I'm alive, and the longer I practice medicine, the more acutely aware I’ve become of how precious life is and what jewels our bodies are. Menopause is important to address. It’s far more than just symptom alleviation (which is valuable in-and-of itself).

Twenty-five years ago, I started delving into the medical literature surrounding menopause. My conclusion is that properly administered bio-identical hormones not only reduce medical risk, but that they change lives. Women on hormones sleep better, their moods improve, cognitive function returns, and, most importantly, these hormones protect bones, muscles, arteries, skin, vagina, bladder and the brain. Hormones even offer protection from heart attacks! The real surprise, however, is that women on properly managed bio-identical hormone regimens have a reduced occurrence of breast cancer.

There is a seachange occurring in menopause medicine: individualization. Every woman has a different hormonal balance and unique replenishment needs. To get this just right, the doctors best prepared to help have chosen to specialize in menopause treatment (I believe this so passionately, I train them ).

i wonder doctor, is about your curiosity, about the power of knowledge, about giving applicable, meaningful guidance, and about connecting you to doctors that specialize in menopause treatment.

You can navigate menopause (and whatever else you might be facing as well). Your future health is unwritten. Helping people find their way to this truth has been the greatest gift my career has given me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this project. May i wonder doctor help you to discover a new chapter in your life!


Daved Rosensweet M.D.

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