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"Solving insulin resistance"

"Diabetes and its connection to weight gain"

"The differences between type 1 and type 2"

The longer I'm alive, and the longer I practice medicine, the more acutely aware I’ve become of how precious life is and what jewels our bodies are. You are not doomed to ever-increasing diabetes. You’re not! I have patients (as do many qualified physicians) that have stopped the progression of diabetes, or even reversed it.

There is a sea change occurring in medicine: people are becoming aware that they must participate in the process and that their day-to-day, moment-by-moment, choices are the greatest key to a long and healthy life. The great news is that your body is resilient and it’s designed to heal. Reduce its burdens, nurture it, and it will do wonders for you.

We doctors can be your allies when dealing with diabetes...but you’re in charge. Ultimately, it’s what you learn, and what you do that matters most.

i wonder doctor, is about your curiosity, about the power of knowledge and about giving applicable, meaningful guidance. You can improve your health. You can turn the corner on diabetes (and whatever else you might be facing.

Your future health is unwritten. Helping people find their way to this truth has been the greatest gift my career has given me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this project. May i wonder doctor help you to discover a new chapter in your life!


Daved Rosensweet M.D.

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