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Supplements aren’t everything…but they sure are something! I haven’t had a patient in more than 30 years of practice that I haven’t added supplements to their overall healing strategy. Why? Because our bodies are beautiful healing miracles and the more we help them, the better they do!

I became curious about supplements shortly after medical school. We are built, maintained, and healed, after all, by the minerals, vitamins and energy providers (calories and carbohydrates) that enter primarily through our mouths. If soils weren’t depleted, our diets were ideal, and our digestive systems functioned perfectly we wouldn’t need to supplement…but here we are on this planet in these bodies!

There are two keys:

Individualize: match the supplements to the need (none of us can or should take them all). Each of us, depending on our health issues, needs a customized mix.

Quality: It matters what’s inside those capsules. The companies that produce our ingredients only sell to health professionals. I’m proud to say that we never cut corners and these “doctor grade” supplements are as high quality as you can find anywhere. Health is a precious commodity. May i wonder doctor be part of improving and protecting yours!

Daved Rosensweet M.D.

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